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Mazda RX-3 at Bushy Park

About the Caribbean SIM Racing Organisation

The Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation was envisioned by John Greene and Stefan Gajie out of Guyana. Sharing the same interest in motor racing and the concept of simulation/ virtual motor racing, the two back in 2016 joined a newly discovered platform developed to help unite individuals from around the world of SIM-Racing. This platform also hosted virtual racing events which the two took part in and thus grew the hunger for something similar in the Caribbean.

They, with a hard-working team, were finally able to make the step towards their Sim-Racing Organisation journey in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and here we are today. With a plan to continuously build the community of real-life motor racers, up-and-coming motor racers and even motor racing enthusiasts, they continue to offer weekly and championship format races within their community of competitors from around the Caribbean region.

"CSRO will strive to continually have the Caribbean on the SIM-Racing scene on a professional and mature level. With plans to develop competitors in the Caribbean to compete in championships and league-styled events we are sure to produce some of the best the world of SIM-Racing has ever seen."

- Stefan Gajie; CSRO Co-Founder

Audi TT DTM at Dover Racewa

Senior Graphics Artist

Joel Dallas

Senior Server Manager/

 Livery Designer

Christian Rajnauth

Senior Software Developer/

Results Coordinator

Ridwan Azeez

Founding Member

Paul Jiwanram

Founder/ Organiser

Stefan Gajie

Founder/ Organiser

John Greene

Our Team

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