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And then came the end... of CSRO's 2022 August GT3/4 Championship...

It was a race for the record books, a rolling start for the charts and a three-way battle for the king of the hill but only one could earn the crown. The Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO would prove to be best suited to the mountain as Jamaican, Kurt Moss and Guyanese, Oswyne Wilson locked out the front row in the machine. Guyanese, John Greene would come only third in his Bentley Continental GT3 followed by South African, Morné Du Plooy in his Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO who trumped Jamaican, Matthew Titus in his McLaren 720s GT3.

Coming into the event these were the points between both classes.


And these were the points at the end of it all: GT3:


To see how it all went down, watch our Extended Highlights here:

You may also catch up on the highlights of rounds #1, #2 and #3 of the series at the following links: Round #1:

Round #2:

Round #3:


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