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Caribbean GT3/4 Championship Announcement...

Announcing, the Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation's 2022 August Caribbean GT3/4 Championship campaign. The outfit will undertake, for the first time, a mixed grid championship where both GT3 and GT4 classification cars will be on the grid simultaneously. In the interest of time, the decision was made to merge the grids for the 2022 August running of the championship. This is not the first time that the CSRO has explored a GT4 Championship. Back in 2020 during its preliminary testing and season, the CSRO featured a one-off GT4 championship that proved very competitive for the competitors at the time. This championship will be even more challenging with the merging of the grids but will also be a great way for the newer, much slower guys to have an opportunity at earning title wins among likened competitors than if they were to sign up for a GT3 championship only. The championship will feature four rounds that will span the globe with competition being seen on four different continents commencing on the 7th of August and will end on the 28th of August, 2022. Below is the full calendar of events:

Calendar of Events for the CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Championship

In order to enter the event, competitors will first need to enter into the Qualifiers which begin tonight (18th July) at 18:00 hours Eastern Caribbean Time/ 19:00 hours -4UTC. The Qualifiers will run for a total of twelve days and will end on the 30th of July. After which the total limit of entrants which currently stands at 34 will be split given consideration of the closeness of timings to determine who will fill the GT3 and GT4 grid slots. They will then be entered into a roulette which will determine the machines that they will be piloting for the respective championships. Be sure to look out for the opening round starting on the 7th of August from 18:00 Hours Western Caribbean Time/ 19:00 Hours Eastern Caribbean Time. For more information or to join the championship, you may visit the CSRO's website at:

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