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Caribbean Single Make Championship set for June 2022...

Beginning today the Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation returns with their championship exhibitions in the Single Make category. Their Single Make Championships feature identical machinery along with fixed mechanical setups for all competitors. It's aim is to showcase pure talent and entertainment rich competition for both viewers and competitors alike. Within the June 2022 Championship they plan to visit four different race courses in the Porsche 911 GT2 992 Cup car. Expect new and known faces of CSRO to be in the mix as there are already a good number of competitors signed up for the event such as Dominic Charles, Kurt Moss, Marlon Younge, Martin Webster, Oswyne Wilson and Tavar Clarke to name a few. The championship will run for four weeks beginning this weekend, 5th June. Be sure to keep track of the action from our newly developed dashboard for the Single Make Championship linked here:

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