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Competitors in Focus - Kurt Moss...

We sat down with Jamaica's Kurt Moss for his Competitors in Focus spot and had these questions to ask him.

Stefan Gajie: Kurt, thank you for sitting down with us, please, do introduce yourself to our readers.

Kurt Moss: Hi... My name is Kurt Moss. I am from the island of Jamaica but have been living in N.Y., U.S.A. for the last 21 years.

Stefan Gajie: Happy to have you here with us Kurt, tell us a bit of your history in SIM-Racing.

Kurt Moss: My time in SIM-Racing began about 2 or 3 months after the COVID Pandemic started. I've been a somewhat semi-hardcore R/C Racer for maybe around 15 years or so, racing electric touring cars indoors and nitro outdoors. So, I'm basically about 2 yrs into the sport.

Stefan Gajie: And within these two years do you find SIM-Racing an important aspect of motor racing?

Kurt Moss: I can definitely see where it can benefit an in-real-life racer with learning a track etc. so, yes.

Stefan Gajie: And within the Caribbean, where do you see sim-racing and its benefits to those who would take it up?

Kurt Moss: I can really only speak for myself when I say the affordability of it. You can do lap after lap without it costing a dollar while being able to increase your skill level immensely. And the fun factor of course, lol.

Stefan Gajie: And to touch on that a bit, would you say you're a serious sim-racer or casual and why?

Kurt Moss: I would say semi-serious. It's hard for me to get too serious, as I can't devote the time I would love to because of young kids in the house.

Stefan Gajie: You have won, what is it, the second race with CSRO now after this past weekend, what would you say the quality of competitors is within the organisation?

Kurt Moss: The skill level varies from top to bottom, so for someone new coming to SIM-Racing and the community, you will almost be guaranteed a good battle. There are some really talented guys here, but can never seem to have them all on the grid at the same time. All in all, though, the racing has improved in terms of race craft since I first joined, so it has been good.

Stefan Gajie: And lastly, you've been racing with CSRO for quite some time now, how would you rate the organisation compared to some of the other leagues you've been a part of and where do you see sim-racing in the near future for the Caribbean?

Kurt Moss: Honestly speaking, it was frustrating for a little while with game crashes during races, but that issue seems to be behind them. I've been truly enjoying the racing these last couple of months though. The whole structure of the organization is not too far off of much larger leagues I've been a part of, and the numbers have been on the rise, so that's a good thing. As with anything else, growing a community takes time. Being consistent with hosting quality run events is the key to success. I can only see it getting bigger and better with time.

Stefan Gajie: And on that note, it brings the end of this interview, Kurt, thank you very much for your time and hope to see you out there winning more races with us.

Kurt Moss: Thanks for having me and see you on track.

Photo of Kurt Moss


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