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CSRO Launches New Website...

Earlier today the Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation unveiled their newly developed website to its competitors. Still in a beta (testing) phase the restructuring from the ground up was spearheaded by founder Stefan Gajie and team; Ridwan Azeez and Christian Rajnauth. Speaking on the subject Mr. Gajie mentioned some of the features implemented in the new development and some of the features planned for the near future;

"Our aim was to create a base not only for our competitors but also persons who have a vested interest in what we are doing here. With this new site we have now added a News Column which will be regularly updated with all of the major and not so major happenings of the organisation. All in one central place, because as you know, our aim is regional not just based from one country,"

Screenshot of the News Column that features infinite scrolling and category selection.

He continued, "Another new feature is the Live Console page where one can visit the site, go to the Live Console page and not only watch a live video feed of the action but have a timing sheet being updated live alongside it as well," "... and of course some of the old features are back like displaying our next event with a neat little count down to signify that and then there is the (site) membership where you're allowed to sign up and own a profile that allows you to engage with other members and also comment in the comments section of news articles and in the coming weeks a forum that is currently in development."

Screenshot of Live Console featuring Live Video Feed, Live Timing Sheet and the relevant Championship information.

The last new thing to make mention of is the Landing Pages of our various championships/ competitions and its corresponding results pages for the rounds affiliated with those championships/ competitions, "Upon arriving at the Home Page, visitors are greeted with a set of championships or in the future, competitions in a strip situated at the top of the page right after the navigation bar. Clicking on one of these championships/ competitions will take the visitor to the corresponding landing page where they will be greeted with an information section, the schedule of the championship/ competition along with (when a round is completed) a results button of that round that has in-depth information of the Qualifying and Race Sessions. Continuing on you will also see the latest news and videos in relation to that championship and lastly, the compliance signup form used by those interested in joining the competition."

Honorable mentions for the future are the fact that the site will feature Driver Profiles with a Rating System attached for those competitors and their fans to keep track of and the forum where specific conversations can be had at length. Below are mor screenshots of the website.

Home Page showcasing the Landing Pages of the current championships/ competitions sanctioned by the Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation.

CSRO's Caribbean Single Make Championship Landing Page's Information and Schedule sections.

News and Latest Videos sections.

Compliance and Registration Section for ongoing CSRO Championships.

In-depth results page of a completed round of a championship/ competition. Clicking on the Qualifying or Race buttons will update the table to show a user's corresponding selection.

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