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CSRO's 2022 June, CSMC Round #2 Recap...

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Last Sunday, 12th June, competitors in our 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship began their evening with the second round's fifteen minutes Qualifying Session at the Sydney Motorsport Park. Trinidadian, Dominic Charles topped the timing sheet with a 1:28.393 and unlike the week prior where he struggled to find a gap on his laps, Sydney proved to be more in his favour as the lap featured many wide turns and a longer straight than Fort Grozny. Jamaica's Michael Paisley was offered an opportunity at a front-row start as his countryman Kurt Moss and Guyanese's John Greene and Oswyne Wilson were amiss in last week's event. Michael managed a cool 1:28.712 and was the only other competitor to dip into the 1:28s. On the final lap of his qualifying run just as the fifteen minutes timer expired another Jamaican in Donmaur Scott crossed the line with a stonking 1:29.654 to claim his right to head the second row in front of new entrant, Mikhail Charles. Mikhail Charles who hails from Trinidad & Tobago has no relation to Dominic Charles but definitely displayed a similar skillset to his countryman in dropping a time of 1:29.723 to not only place himself on the second row but also, score points at the end of his debut race. Closing out the top five was non-other than Guyanese Marlon Younge who found it difficult to muster anything faster than his time of 01:29.752.

See the full qualifying session results below:

Qualifying Session Results for 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship Round #2

The race started in the late afternoon at Sydney Motorsport Park and under the twilight zone, eighteen competitors roared their Porsche 911 GT3 992 Cup cars down the start-finish straightaway into the fastest turn on the calendar. Dominic Charles was great on the start while Michael Paisley dropped down the order at the completion of turn one which saw Donmaur Scott with the inside line elevating himself from third to second. Marlon Younge also suffered majorly at the beginning of the race which saw Jamaican Kayle-Vaden Roper, Guyanese Raul Partab and Jamaican Stephen Pommells being elevated in Marlon Younge's absence to the eighth position.

There was only one incident to speak of at the race start which included Guyanese Sean Lee and Raul Partab, Jamaicans Jayden Harrison, Antonio Campbell, Cavana Matthews and Jevaughan Edie. Heading into turn two Jayden Harrison found himself between the two Guyanese Raul Partab and Sean Lee. Jayden, in a bid to manoeuvre himself forward, was tagged at the rear of his car by Raul Partab which sent him into a spin but not before he tagged Sean Lee and sent him into a spin as well. Antonio Campbell was the one with the unfair short stick at the end of it all while he had nothing to do with it, he did see a Porsche end up sideways in front of him blocking his path. On re-entry, to the race course, Jayden Harrison then collided with Cavana Matthews who in turn had then collided with Jevaughan Edie which ended up sending him into a spin. Jevaughan later mounted a protest at the end of the event and after deliberation from the Race Stewards and the Race Director, it was determined that Jayden Harrison would be given a ten-second time penalty to be added to this total race time for the unsafe re-entry onto the race course.

See the full race session results below:

Race Session Results for 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship Round #2

For more on the race, you may view our thirty minutes extended highlights of the event here:

Thirty minutes extended highlights of 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship Round #2


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