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CSRO's 2022 June, CSMC Round #3 Recap...

On the 19th of June, competitors took to the streets of California in the third round of our 2022 June Caribbean Single Make Championship at the Long Beach Street Circuit. Qualifying was tricky on the tight streets of Cali as they navigated the course but first on the charts was, once again, Trinidadian Dominic Charles with a stonking 1:20.363 and just six laps under his belt to do so. Very closely behind and back again after missing round number two of the series was Jamaican Kurt Moss with a 1:20.627 to drop a deficit of just .264 of a second within eight laps of running for the fifteen minutes qualifying session. On the second row was another Jamaican in the name of Michael Paisley who managed a staggering 1:21.121, just some .758 seconds shy of his countryman Kurt Moss in second. The fourth position saw Trinidadian Mikhail Charles alongside Michael Paisley with a time of 1:21.687. And then to close off our top five we saw Jamaican, Donmaur Scott putting in a time of 1:21.733.

See the full Qualifying Session Results below:

Qualifying Session Results for 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship Round #3

The race began as you'd expect, with chaos but this time not into turn one, no, they survived just long enough to get to the famous water fountain of turn two which is officially named South Chestnut Place. As they all tried to squeeze through the very narrow passage that was afforded to them, It was Jamaican Donmaur Scott who was heavy on the brakes in giving himself space between him and Trinidadian Mikhail Charles that caught Guyanese Sean Lee off guard. Sean ran into the back of Donmaur and just as he did his countryman, Christian Rajnauth ran into him for good measure. The corner caused a concertina effect to proceed and at that moment after missing his braking zone, Jamaican Michen Wallace jumped the better half of the curb and was catapulted ahead of his countryman, Javon Parry. Jamaican Tavar Clarke was then tagged by Guyanese Martin Webster who was initially tagged by Jamaican Matthew Titus. Tavar then went into a spin which ultimately pinned Martin Webster and then proceeded to block the Cuban Zafiro Ramirez and Guyanese John Greene who happened to miss qualifying and just managed to make it into the race. At the end of it all, the Race Director saw the need to call a full course yellow and they lined up once again but this time in single file for the rolling start.

See the full race results along with our thirty minutes video highlights of the event below:

Race Session Results for 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship Round #3

Thirty minutes extended highlights of 2022 June, Caribbean Single Make Championship Round #3


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