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CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Championship enters Round #2...

Tonight we go racing for the second time in our Caribbean GT3/4 Championship. Since our last event at the top of the week on the 7th, the competitors have been taking their machines around the infamous Nürburgring. The track is a 150,000-person motorsport complex and is located in Nurburg Germany. Its Gran Prix track was built in 1984 and is 5.148 km (3.199 Miles) in length. It has a total of twelve turns and is currently being used by major organising bodies for various events including the FIA WTCR Race of Germany, DTM and TCR Europe to name a few. It was last used in F1 for the Eifel Gran Prix of 2020 where Max Verstappen claimed the track record with a 1:28.139 in his Red Bull Racing RB16.

CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Round #2 Banner

As the week is coming to an end, so marks the end of the competitor's free practice session. The free practice session is where the competitors have access to the race track to test and tune their cars over the course of six-plus days. But it didn't begin without some controversy. There were reports of competitors from Mercedes and Audi, in particular, making complaints to the CSRO's Technical Authority over the Balance of Performance (BOP) of the Bentley Continental GT3. The Authority has since made some changes to the Bentley by adding more restrictions to that manufacturer which seemingly brought the times down even closer to competition.


Trinidadian Declan Daniel after being promoted up from GT4 managed to place his McLaren 720s GT3 on the top spot with a 1:56.971. He did it in 26 laps with a top speed of 244.24 Km/h. Following some .056 of a second behind was Jamaican Kurt Moss in his Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo with a time of 1:57.027. He managed to do it within a total of 61 laps and 248.97 Km/h. In third is Guyanese John Greene seemingly falling back at the Nürburgring in his Bentley Continental GT3 after CSRO's Technical Authority intervened due to complaints from rivalling teams reaching them earlier in the week. John posted a time of 1:57.069 to sit some .042 of a second behind Kurt Moss. He did the time in a total of 23 Laps and his max speed recorded was 250.18 Km/h which is the fastest speed recorded so far. In the fourth position was Trinidadian Dominic Charles who again did not seem up to par with the rest of the field in his Audi R8 LMS Evo GT3 as he only managed to post a 1:57.188 that sits him some .119 of a second behind John Green. He managed the time within 33 laps and 242.23 Km/h. To round up the top five in GT3 was Guyanese Oswyne Wilson in his Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo with a time of 1:58.309 which sits him some 1.121 seconds behind Dominic Charles. He managed to do it within 38 laps and 248.45 Km/h. Competitor Sean Lee does not plan to compete and as such his time will not be officially recorded.


Within the GT4 class, there was a very shallow turnout as many of the competitors from Jamaica were not going to be present as they attended their local race meet today. Those who were present managed the following. A newcomer to the CSRO family, South African Morné Du Plooy topped the timing charts in his Alpine A110 GT4 with a time of 2:07.339 as he was placed there for evaluation. He did so within 14 laps and 223.29 Km/h. Guyanese Raul Partab challenged his time and was very close to taking the top spot with a 2:07.486 in his Alpine A110 GT4 Car. That sits him some .147 of a second behind Morné with it being some in some 33 laps and of him reaching a top speed of 223.09 Km/h. In third was Jamaican Jayden Harrison in his Aston Martin Vantage GT4 car with a 2:09.878 that sat him some 2.392 seconds behind Raul in 68 laps and at 224.45 Km/h, clearly the fastest top speed attained in GT4. Rounding up the GT4 classification was Jamaican Jevaughan Edie in his Mercedes AMG GT4 car with a 2:15.177. Edie did not really set a competitive time as he did not plan on competing today as well.

Free Practice Timing Sheet for Round #2 of CGT3/4 Championship

Tonight's event goes live on our YouTube channel (here...) from 6 pm Jamaican time/ 7 pm Easter Caribbean Time (-4UTC).

- END -

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