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CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Championship enters Round #3...

Round three goes to Fuji Speedway in CSRO's CGT3/4 Championship. Fuji Speedway is located at the foothills of mount Fuji in Oyama, Sunto District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It features a capacity of 110,000 while holding an FIA Grade 1 license. The facility was built in the 1960s and was originally managed by the Mitsubishi Estate Co. It was then acquired by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2000. The circuit hosted the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix of 2007 after an absence of nearly thirty years, replacing the Suzuka Circuit owned by Honda. After Fuji Speedway hosted the 2008 race, the Japanese Grand Prix returned to Suzuka for races from 2009 onward. The circuit saw several changes over the years which saw the latest change being done in 2005. This present layout is 4.563 km (2.835 mi) long and has a total of sixteen turns. Its race lap record is currently held by Brazilian Felipe Massa with a time of 1:18.426.

CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Round #3 Banner

At the end of the Free Practice Session, the following times were acquired by competitors in both classes.


Guyana John Greene was back at the top of the timing charts in his Bentley Continental GT3 with a total time of 1:36.212. He managed to do so within 63 laps and acquired a top speed of 283.53 Km/h after his setup configurations. Jamaican Kurt Moss was back on the grid this week after missing out on Round #2. He managed a time of 1:36.659 which saw him in the second position after a total of 30 laps and a top speed of 279.33 Km/h. In third was Guyanese Marlon Younge in his Bentley Continental GT3 after missing out on the first two rounds of his championship running due to unforeseen circumstances. He managed to drop that time within 109 laps and 281.17 Km/h, a clear indication that he was putting in work to learn that car. Coming off of his race win in the last round was Guyanese Oswyne Wilson in the fourth position with a time of 1:37.846 in his Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo. He did so within 29 laps at a top speed of 277.77 Km/h. Rounding up the top five was Jamaican Michen Wallace in his McLaren 720s GT3 with a time of 1:38.124 in only 11 laps and at a top speed of 275.19 Km/h.


Guyanese Raul Partab was back at the top of the timing sheet in his Alpine A110 GT4 with a time of 1:44.405 within 12 laps at 252.13 Km/h. Following closely behind was newcomer Jamaican Michael McNamee who has been longing to make his debut on the Racing scene after joining CSRO for some time now. he managed a time of 1:45.698 in his Alpine A110 after 31 laps. He managed to reach a top speed of 248.19 Km/h. Sitting in third was Jamaican Sebastian Palmer after a brief hiatus with a time of 1:47.764 in his Audi R8 LMS GT4. He managed to drop that time within just 3 laps at a top speed of 243.11 Km/h. The fourth saw Jamaican Jevaughan Edie with a time of 1:48.384 in his Mercedes AMG GT3 within a total of 25 laps at a top speed of 244.88 Km/h. And to wrap up the top five was Jamaican Joshua Brady in his Audi R8 LMS GT4 with a time of 1:48.662. He managed to do so within 15 laps and attained a top speed of 242.71 Km/h.

See the full classification below:

Free Practice Timing Sheet for Round #3 of CGT3/4 Championship

Tonight's event goes live on our YouTube channel (here...) from 6 pm Jamaican time/ 7 pm Easter Caribbean Time (-4UTC).

- END -

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