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CSRO's Caribbean Single Make Championship enters Round #2...

Tonight, we go racing down under at the Sydney Motorsport Park for Round #2 of the CSRO's 2022 June Caribbean Single Make Championship. But first, a quick recap of last weekend's event.

On the 5th of June, CSRO kicked off this championship at Fort Grozny with a grid of

sixteen competitors out of the twenty-eight who registered. It was full chaos at the first attempt of the rolling start, bringing out a full-course yellow for another try at it. The pace we saw during practice week got even faster and at the end of it, Trinidadian Dominic Charles blasted through the field with some thirty seconds to spare leaving second place to Jamaican Kurt Moss who said that he did not expect that podium spot as his aim was third behind Guyanese John Greene. John suffered a lot of incidents throughout the event, especially on the final lap against third-place podium finisher and countryman, Oswyne Wilson who barely managed to hold on after suffering an issue himself in the third sector at Fort Grozy. Watch the extended highlights of the event here:

And now, back to today's event.

This week CSRO will introduce its night racing at Sydney Motorsport Park as it is planned that the race will begin in the late afternoon and head into the night at the Eastern Creek, New South Whales' facility. The competitors have been throwing down under the lights and at the top of the list once again is Trinidadian Dominic Charles with a stonking 1:28.329. Followed closely behind is Guyanese John Greene with a time of 1:28.546 and a new face to enter into the top three is Jamaican Michael Paisley with a 1:29.396 pipping his countryman Kurt Moss to the third position who managed a 1:29.467. It was Guyana Oswyne Wilson who came to close off the top five with a 1:29.617 but is scheduled to miss this event due to unforeseen circumstances which place Oswyne's known rival at CSRO and countryman, Marlon Younge into the picture with a 1:29.772. The rest of the times can be seen in the screenshot below.

Do remember that CSRO's new website is live (in the BETA phase) on Desktop and Laptop PCs and the event can be viewed from the Live Console page linked here:

Stored Times of Round #2 of CSRO's 2022 June Caribbean Single Make Championship Practice Session.

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