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CSRO's Caribbean Single Make Championship enters the FINAL Round #4...

Tonight we will complete our 2022 June Caribbean Single Make Championship with Round #4 set in the Municipality of Zolder at Circuit Zolder. The circuit was famously known for hosting Formula One before they moved to Spa after the 1982 Grand Prix which took the life of F1 legend Gilles Villeneuve. The circuit has a total length of 4.010 km/ 2.492 miles with a total of 10 undulating turns. The current lap record is 1:14.089 set by Sébastien Olivier Bourdais in a Panoz DP01.

Porsche 911 GT3 992 Cup Cars navigate turn #2 of Zolder.

For the final time tonight, we go racing in what has been dubbed the most exciting series put on show by CSRO in their Single Make category. The Porsches have lived up to the hype and the pedigree of competitors as well. Nearly every part of the field has seen a close and entertaining battle throughout this championship and for sure, it has definitely taken with it that vibe into the final round. As we wrap up the final free practice session in a few hours time. Leading the chart once again, is none other than Dominic Charles with a time of 1:30.845. The Trinidadian managed that time within 55 laps and also grabbed the fastest top speed of 230.05 Km/h. Next in line is Guyanese John Greene and when I say next in line, there is barely anything between them with a 1:30.879, just .034 of a second off Dominic Charles' time. The Guyanese however, did over 100 laps and only managed 229.95 Km/h of VMAX speed. Jamaican Michael Paisley pipped his countryman, Kurt Moss to the third spot with a time of 1:31.356, some .411 of a second to the top spot with 222 laps at 229.45 Km/h top speed. Do remember, this kid is on a gaming controller rather than a wheel/ pedals rig set-up like most of the guys on the grid especially those ahead of him. Fourth as we mentioned is currently in the possession of Jamaican Kurt Moss who managed a 1:31.660 which sets him .815 of a second behind the top spot and he did so within 69 laps at 228.70 Km/h top speed. Fifth was claimed by a newcomer to the fight, a Trinidadian by the name of Declan Daniel who managed to drop a 1:31.723. He did so within 51 laps at 229.55 Km/h top speed and sits just .878 of a second outside of the top position.

SPECIAL REPORT: This weekend we see a Trinidadian invasion which was basically summoned by Dominic Charles as they all hail from the CRC Camp of Trinidad & Tobago (Calypso Racing Community). Declan Daniel, as we mentioned in our previous paragraph, Marc Pogson, and Andrew Marsan. Look out for these guys as the latter two have already proven themselves and landed spots just outside of the top five.

See the full Free Practice Timing Sheet as of 15:00 hours today below:

Free Practice Timing Sheet as of 15:00 hours today

Tonight's event goes live from 6 pm Jamaican time/ 7 pm Eastern Caribbean Time and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel here:

One may also, view our Live Console for Live Timings as well as a live video stream of the event on our website here:

You may also catch up on the highlights of rounds #1, #2 and #3 of the series at the following links:

Round #1

Round #2

Round #3


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