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CSRO's GT3/4 goes to ACC

Greetings all!

Do allow a brief one-minute silence for us to apologize for completely halting the news articles from flowing. Things got a bit hectic for us and had to drop something at the time, unfortunately, it was our sweet and dear blog posts. However, we are back and with some news, nonetheless.

Yesterday it was announced that CSRO will be moving its famed GT3 and 4 categories to the famous Assetto Corsa Competizione; the Gran Touring and Cup simulator made by Kunos Simulazioni. The move comes on the heels of the sim catching on with CSRO competitors with its highly tuned calibre of Gran Touring and Cup cars. The sim features the highest level of Gran Touring categories as of now which are the GT3, GT4 and somewhere in between or ahead goes the GT2 (look, it's complicated). They also have a few cup cars as well that are single-make and challenge runners such as the Porsche 911 (992) Cup and Ferrari Challenge cars. The sim was made as the official game for the World GT Challenge series that now spans the globe which was formerly known as the Blancpain GT Series at the time of the sim's launch. The series is organised and owned by the SRO Motorsport Group (Kunos were approached by SRO to develop the game). With this direct access, ACC has the data not only for the cars but exclusive access to the tracks that are featured within the series that runs on the most renowned courses around the world, from America, Europe, Asia and including down under at Mount Panorama; Bathurst, a personal favourite of mine.

In the upcoming championship scheduled to begin this Sunday 7th, there will be a total of four rounds to cover the month of May beginning at the Nurburgring. The Caribbean GT3/4 Championship shall now call ACC its home and say goodbye to AC GT Racing once and for all (I'm not crying, you are ;( ...)

- END -

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