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Development Report - South Dakota Circuit - Guyana.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

South Dakota Circuit showcasing Multiple Layouts

Introducing, our development progress for South Dakota Circuit - Guyana: version 0.9. The Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation earlier this year embarked on recreating the Caribbean's premier motor racing league virtually in the name of the Caribbean SIM-Racing Series. Within this series, the virtual tour visited all the known Caribbean circuits in what was once known as the very popular series Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) except for one circuit, the South Dakota Circuit of Guyana.

With the development of the South Dakota Circuit now well underway by the CSRO Modding Team it is expected that the CSRO will move full blast into pushing the Caribbean SIM-Racing Series forward. But, they do not plan on stopping there. The development of the Circuits will of course beg the question of the development of the fast-paced machines everyone has come to love from the mixed grid rules and regulations put forward by the executive committee of the CMRC. With some of those machines already being within the chosen simulator, Assetto Corsa, it is no doubt that the CSRO team of talented modders plan to embark on achieving this as well. One such mod has already entered development. The Mazda RX-3 of Barbadian Mark Maloney was featured in the South Dakota Circuit preview video above.

Barbadian Mark Maloney's Mazda RX-3 - a CSRO Development

Speaking on the development of the South Dakota Circuit, the head of the development team on the project, Hal Ghent, had this to say: "The development team is closely following the current GMR&SC's proposals and is beta testing its previous South Dakota FIA Layout; promising multiple layouts at the choice of the sim-racers, who should get a valid virtual South Dakota Circuit user experience in a few week's time."

Speaking to one of CSRO's Founders, Stefan Gajie, had this to say about the project:

"South Dakota was of course always on the list for us, maybe biasedly so at the top since I am from Guyana but, the bigger picture is a virtual rendition of the CMRC series and what it was promised to be for the Caribbean, the premier classification to be represented by on the world stage. The Caribbean SIM-Racing Series will strive to achieve this and hope that it would reignite the passion to see the same within the Caribbean once again. There are of course many other disciplines within the wider world that one must explore but we should have something that is a representative of who we are and where we come from as motor racing competitors and fans alike within the Caribbean and I think the CMRC and now the CSRS will be exactly that."

The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), Guyana's sole representative for Motor Racing within Guyana earlier this month announced changes from its previously proposed FIA Sponsored Drawings with a promise to get back to circuit racing as restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic have lifted throughout the Caribbean. The Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation is currently seeking a partnership with the outfit to align its movement forward within that part of the Caribbean, more on this in another report.

Photo of new South Dakota Layout posted on GMR&SC's Facebook page.

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