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Fast pace newcomer Dominic Charles speaks...

We spoke to Trinidadian Dominic Charles about the upcoming CSRO Caribbean Single Make Championship and here is what he had to say...

Stefan Gajie: Dominic, you've come into CSRO more so as fresh meat to those already settled in and already made your name known, tell us what you expect in the Caribbean Single Make Championship?

Dominic Charles: Well, going into this championship I'm naturally hoping for the win since my pace has been improving a bit, though at the end of it all I really just want to walk away with some fun battles and good clean racing.

Stefan Gajie: So far, you've had some intense battles since joining the Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation back in February of this year, who do you see as immediate threats to your championship charge?

Dominic Charles: I'm really looking forward to battling with Tommi, Nathan and Kurt as they've really been on the ball recently.

Stefan Gajie: Within this championship series you're being allowed, for the first time, to join a team or create your own, we saw that you've chosen the latter, tell us a bit about that. Dominic Charles: I'm excited to join with my own team - Calypso Racing - to bring more of my fellow countrymen to this series.

Stefan Gajie: CSRO has announced the arrival of their coveted Caribbean SIM-Racing Champion Title, tell us your thoughts on this;

Dominic Charles: The Caribbean SIM-Racing Champion title? I will be fighting for it. I've battled aliens in the past and I expect this to be no different. But it would be nice to take the title and inspire those around me to up their game. My end goal in all of this is to raise the level of driving in our region.


The charge for the CSRO Caribbean Single Make championship begins tonight at 6 pm Jamaican Time/ 7 pm Eastern Caribbean Time (time zone -4UTC).

Dominic Charles on his SIM-Racing Rig

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