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CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Championship commences tonight...

As was mentioned in a previous article (here), the Caribbean SIM-Racing organisation will, for the first time, have the GT3 and GT4 classifications on the grid simultaneously. Tonight we go racing for the first time in the Caribbean GT3/4 Championship at the Daytona International Speedway out at Daytona Beach, Florida. The organisers have chosen to use the suitable 5.729 km Sports Car Course/ Daytona Road Course, which features 12 turns, three of which are banks ranging from 2-31 degrees. The record lap is set at 01:33.724 by Alex Palou in his Cadillac DPi-V.R in the year 2022. The facility has been open since 1959.

CSRO's Caribbean GT3/4 Round #1 Banner

During their six days free practice session, there has been some controversy as to whether the cars are well balanced utilising the CSRO's BOP (Balance of Performance) methods. At the beginning of the week, several manufacturers had their BOP reviewed and changed in a bid to have closer racing. Simulated runs were utilized in acquiring the new BOP settings and are based on one-stint runs. Officials are claiming throughout the race the dynamic will be very interestingly developed as the drivers go racing for the first time in their allotted machinery.


Speaking of drivers and their machines here are the times at the end of the six days of the free practice session; Dominic Charles out of Trinidad and Tobago piloted his Audi R8 LMS EVO to the top of the charts with a 1:45.773 even though complaining of balance issues, he said it was unlikely he could keep that pace throughout the sixty minutes of the race. Kurt Moss of Jamaica was back and setting the closest time to challenge Dominic in his Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO; 1:45.973 was the time set by Kurt as he mentioned that time being a very hard one to grab, proving that even the vets in this are having to challenge themselves. Trailing the second position is Jamaican Nathan Bryan in his Bentley Continental GT3 with a time of 1:46.127 in the third position. In the fourth position is Guyanese Oswyne Wilson also driving a Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO with a time of 1:46.678 and to round up the top five is Trinidadian Andrew Marsan in his Audi R8 LMS EVO with a time of 1:46.710. All times were based on 15:00 hours (-4UTC) press time.


In the GT4 classification, Trinidadian Declan Daniel managed to set a blistering 1:54.629 in his Porsche 718 Cayman Clubsport and has caused some talk in the paddock as to whether the Porsche is evenly balanced. It has caused the technical body within the CSRO to look into the issue. He managed to set himself above and beyond the rest, as the closest time trailing was set by Guyanese Raul Partab at 1:55.674 in his Alpine A110 GT4. Jamaican Sebastian Palmer returned to racing with us and managed third-best with 1:56.187 in his Audi R8 LMS GT4. Jamaican Rojaun Reid is back in racing form and showed out with a 1:56.611 to claim the fourth position in his Alpine A110 GT4 while his countryman Javaughn Taylor failed to set a competitive time to show but did manage the rounding fifth position with a time of 2:00.856 in his Mercedes AMG GT4. All times were based on 15:00 hours (-4UTC) press time.

CSRO's 2022 August Caribbean GT3/4 Championship is a four-round series that will last the month of August with races set for Sundays in the month commencing with a twenty minutes Qualifying Session from 7 pm (-4UTC). For more on the series view its website landing page here: CGT3/4 Landing Page. There are a total of twenty-four competitors signed up separated by the GT3 and GT4 classification boasting thirteen and eleven competitors respectively. You may view every event live from the CSRO's YouTube channel linked here: CSRO's YouTube Channel

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