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The 2022 August Caribbean GT3/4 Championship's Grid is Set...

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

The Caribbean SIM-Racing Organisation's (CSRO) 2022 August Caribbean GT3/4 Championship Qualifiers came to an end this past Saturday and the Grid has been set with a total of twenty-three competitors. As mentioned in a previous article (here), it will be the first time the CSRO team will host a mixed grid championship that will place both classifications of GT3 and GT4 competitors to compete alongside each other.

After the completion of the qualifiers, the names of the competitors were then entered into a lottery where their cars were chosen by a random automated system hosted by the staff of the organisation. Several competitors were present and all choices were deemed to be fair and agreed upon for the championship to move forward.

Paying keen attention to the times submitted by the competitors in the qualifiers, the grid was split to ascertain the competitors who will be competing within the GT3 and GT4 Categories. See the following images provided of this:

Competitors and Final Qualifier Times

Competitors in the GT3 Classification.

Competitors in the GT4 Classification.

Mikhail Charles had Qualified within the GT3 class but due to a computer malfunction, it is unlikely he will be competing. Declan Daniel failed to submit a time and as such, he will be evaluated within the practice format for him to be properly posted to a classification. Competitors are already on track and have been turning over times for the first round of the event, scheduled for this Sunday, the 7th of August at 7 pm (-4UTC) at the Daytona International Speedway. More on this in a follow-up report but for now, we are eager to go racing again and in this format, we hope you're just as eager to watch it go down live on our YouTube Channel. Don't forget to Subscribe and be sure to pop that Like button, it helps, like, seriously... really, like every video on our channel... please... thanks!

YouTube Channel Linked here: CSRO YouTube Channel.

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